Tour Operation Management

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization, Tour operator Pages: 12 (3266 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Defining tour operator2
Effect of Current and recent trends and development on the tour operations sector2
Tour operations sector3
Holiday package4
Planning stages5
Details of negotiation7
Pricing details8
Travel tour operators sell price9
Brochure planning9
E – Brochure9
Appropriateness of E – brochure10
A case study of Thailand E- brochure10
Methods of distribution use to sell a holiday11
Brochure distribution method11
Website distribution method12
Agent distribution method13
Direct selling distribution method14
Strategy used by tour operators14
Offer new destination15
Tactical decisions used by tour operator and incentive15
Conclusion and recommendation16

Tour operators are the most important part of an international tourism industry, until recently; their role has been to exceed their original wholesale. The horizontal and vertical integration in the balance, now wield power a few powerful companies significant market and supply and demand for tourism, the impact can be considerable (Syratt, 2009). Defining tour operator

The transportation, accommodation and other purchased, and separate components of a package, they sell to consumers directly or indirectly by combine.(Holloway, 2002). Effect of Current and recent trends and development on the tour operations sector The World Tourism Organization predicts that international tourism will carry on rising on the standard annual rate of 4%. E-commerce, tourism products, with the advent of the Internet, most items are in the business. Tourism has become a popular pastime worldwide. In 2008, increases of 1.9% of the arrival 922 million international tourists in 2007 were compared. International tourism receipts of U.S. $ 944 2008 billion (642 billion Euros) has achieved an increase of 1.8% in real terms (Swarbrroke, 1999). Because the downturn of the late -2000, global arrivals undergo a strong delay commencement in June 2008. To 2007 2008 to increase the first eight months of 2008 was only 3.7%. Asian and Pacific markets and hit Europe during the northern summer months stagnated (Swarbrroke, 1999) Thomas cook website (2010) pointed out that, Travel to the 19th century, the company can be found in a commercial sense, including Thomas Cook, who in his 1865 inauguration was the first travel agency in London was the first office (journalism) is open, it should be independent, to conduct a travel agent for the railway, sea and land-based services in addition to providing tickets for travel and lodgings, for a commission on each sale. During the first half of the 20th century, the number of travel agents has been relatively constant, air transport has increased in the spring of 1940, but 1960 saw an increase in the travel agents, with the Commission, licensing and to improve the connection between airlines and agents, we know only too familiar with package holidays provide all the contributions (Page & Connell, 2006). Tour operations sector

Service sector, tourism organizations, associations, government agencies and businesses made up with the need of the entire tourism industry to serve the needs of travellers, including the specialist. * Tour Operators can be grouped as follows:

* Domestic
* In-coming
* Overseas
* Specialist or niche
* Mass market

Mass tourism could only have developed with the improvements in technology, allowing the transport of large numbers of people in a short space of time to places of leisure interest, so that greater numbers of people could begin to enjoy the benefits of leisure time.. that described. Between 1960 and 1970, this form of tourism is gaining popularity in the sun, sea and sand, and increased demand for package holidays cheap with his arrival (travel navigator 2010, p.945) Mass tourism is the act of...
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