Tour Guiding Report

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* Daily Report Form
* Tour itinerary
* Map
* Confirmed booking/ purchase order of tour operator to the supplier * Copy of passenger’s e-ticket
* Tour evaluation form
* Lapel microphone
* Flags
* Stickers
* Mobile phone with extra battery
* Medical/ First-aid kit
* Address book/ contact numbers of tour operator, tour suppliers and guests * Prizes for recreational activities or tour souvenirs for the guest (optional) * Umbrella
* Plastic Bags



* Must know all pertinent details about the tour.
(A tour Guide is usually briefed personally by the travel agency or Tour Company in a meeting called for that purpose. In this meeting, the tour guide is expected to get the following information such as Itinerary of the guest /Tour Inclusions, Guest Profile, Contact number of travel agent, Suppliers- service providers, coach captain and lastly Have a copy of agent’s and suppliers contracts)

* Itinerary of the guest /Tour Inclusions
(Pick-up & drop-off points of the guest)

* Guest Profile (Get the contact number of the guest)

* Contact number of travel agent, Suppliers, & coach captain (driver of the vehicle to be used. The coach captain’s (driver’s) number should always be available so that he can be contacted readily whenever needed.)

* Copy of agent’s and suppliers contracts
(such as confirmation slips, booking orders, and the like)

* Budget “Contigency fee”
(In some cases, a tour guide is given a budget by the travel agency. This is called “Contigency fee” and is used for emergency purposes. It will be liquidated or duly accounted for after the tour.)

* General Information of the place/ destination
(The tour guide should have general information on the place/destination such as their histories, etymology of their names, special occasions/ festivals and other related facts.) (The tour guide must research on all the unfamiliar places to be visited. Ideally, the information must jibe with the interest of the guests. For example, if the tourists are adventurous, give them the information on the activities that they can do in a certain place or destination.)

(Preparing for the tour)
* Come early
(Before starting the tour, the guide should preferably come early. In practice, the coach or the bus to be used arrives one to two hours ahead of time at the pick-up point.)

* Preparing the Welcome Tarpaulin, and posting /putting the bus numbers on the coaches (in case the group is big and there is no tour coordinator.)

* Checking the equipments
(Checking the equipment in the bus like the microphone, air-conditioner, tv, among others; and reporting problems regarding the equipment immediately to the travel agency/ tour coordinator/ suppliers for possible solutions.)

* Build rapport with the tours coach captain. (It is strongly recommended that the tour guide build rapport with the tours coach captain. Bearing in mind that it is the coach captain who controls the time of travel and equipment in the coach such as the microphone, air-conditioner, tv ,vcd/dvd player, and the like.)

* Stopovers and important places.
(Discuss with the driver the best stopovers, as well as the important places to go in case of emergencies while traveling.)

* Drop-off and pick-up points. (Discuss with the coach captain the drop-off and pick-up points which are nearest and most convenient to the guest.)

(Welcoming the guest)
* Greet the guest (Introduce himself/herself and the company that operates the tour. And introduce the coach captain.) * Be casual and confident.
* Be courteous (explain what is to be expected from the tour) * Take note of the request (or the additional information that the guest want to know.) * Always stay ahead of the tourist.
* Head count....
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