Topics: Manila, Philippines, Intramuros Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Reaction Paper


Kinickie Gale B. Arancillo
BH102M/BSHRM/1st year
Professor: Ms.Dice Aquino

*Tour Objective : To familiarize the Hotel/Factory Operations . *Learning outcome based on the following subjects:
On September 11, 2012, the 1st year BSHRM students held an educational tour in Jollibee Commissary and especially the main event of the tour is in the Bay Leaf Intramuros. The Educational tour started out as an escape from school for most of us students, bonding with friends, chance to unwind and of course, to learn new things and to gain knowledge at the same time that we may apply someday.

First,we went to Jollibee Commissary . when you enter. There so many restrictions like bringing cellphone, camera and other gadgets . After we enter the factory, there’s a short briefings about history of Jollibee . then we observe process of how to make Jollibee Products.I notice that people who works there are in proper uniform (Laboratory Gown)

After the short visit to Jollibee Commissary, we went straight to our second destination the Intramuros . I learned that the INTRAMUROS, the old capital of Manila, was built in 1571. It remains a monumental, if ruined, relic of the Spanish period in Philippine history.

Among the places I seen in Intramuros are the two churches - The Manila Cathedral and St. Augustine Church -- and Fort Santiago.

And we went straight to Bay Leaf Hotel Intramuros where we had seminar about Hotel Familiarization . one of a speaker is Paul Lim So,A very well known person in tourism industry .

*What are the highlights of the tour?:
*Tour Expectaion:
*Student Feed Back:
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