Toulmin Analysis

Topics: Global warming, Western world, Critical thinking Pages: 4 (672 words) Published: October 20, 2011
Learning Team Toulmin Analysis

Team A Contributors: Allison Cloutier, Christopher Etheridge, Genevieve Thompson, and Dionna Mark


October 17, 2011


Body Paragraphs

Crichton makes the claim that environmentalism is becoming one of the most influential

religions in the Western world. He presents the idea that environmentalists are religious fanatics who

are making extreme predictions for the Earth’s future.

Crichton does a minimal job at supporting his claim with reason. He begins his reasoning with

references to Judeo-Christian beliefs. He mentions Biblical ideas and relates them to the ideas

prevalent in environmentalism. Crichton also mentions Eden as the idea of a paradise and innocence.

He discusses the fall of mankind in Eden and compares it to environmentalism. He uses the

comparison of the pollution of Eden when man ate from the tree of knowledge and continues this

comparison to a judgment day.

Crichton says that today’s Western societies are “energy sinners” and will die if we do not seek

redemption through sustainability. He mentions indigenous tribes and their murdering brutality and

cannibalism to prove that there is no Eden. He discusses how nature is brutal and people who do not

believe that have not experienced living with nature. Crichton discusses how average modern citizens

would not last if they exposed themselves to real nature. He says people would rather enjoy nature

from a cabin or a rafting trip. People not experienced in true nature would fall into sickness and


Crichton also supports his claim with the reasoning that global warming and environmentalism,

like religion, have no credible evidence to support them. He makes a list of statements arguing the

major claims of environmentalism. For instance, DDT should not have been banned because it does

not kill birds. He says second-hand smoke is not hazardous to health. He...
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