Toulmin Analysis

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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Toulmin Analysis
Chad Doctor

Toulmin Analysis
Two college freshmen were recently tasked with preparing an argumentative-type essay on video games violence and their influence on their younger audiences. The two easily accepted the assignment without hesitation; they bore deep-seated skepticism on the “nearly depleted positive influence” games have on kids today. They submitted their paper promptly and were stunned to learn of the essay’s failing grade. The students had invested so much into the paper emotionally; they thought not to deliver proper support to bolster their claim. Had they followed the Toulmin method, their paper wouldn’t have included so many (if none at all) generalizing and quite broad statements; nor would the students have included so many claims and so little backing and grounds. The Toulmin approach is a method that states the claim, starting with the major claim that can include the facts, definitions, cause and effect, and the value of the claim; one or several claims can be used to establish the case of the essay. Also, the data can be used to support the claim, the warrant can be used to validity of the claim, and backing is to support the warrant (Lamm & Everett, 2 007). The Classical Approach was invented by the Greek philosopher Aristotle; it is used as an argument tool to influence the reader to view the author’s point of view, take the author’s side of an issue, or favors the author’s stands in the decision. The classical approach/Aristotelian relies heavy on the use of ethos, pathos, and logos appeals (Lamm & Everett, 2 007). In “What the Waters Reveal”, the author exposes Hurricane Katrina’s impact in New Orleans and how the storm brought light to poverty and the government’s inability to address this ongoing issue. One of his claims – America’s ignorance to their own welfare – is made clear with civilian quotes such as “We have now seen what is under the rock in America” and “I didn’t realize how many...
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