Tough Guise Film Analysis

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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After watching Tough Guise I immediately wanted to pick the subject of men and women’s change of image from 50 years ago to todays images. I never really took a good look at male action figures and how they have added an overwhelming amount of muscle to the character. However, I do not feel that the change in muscle tone from athletes or super heroes are done just for image sake. There has been man advances in muscle growth and athletes today have an extreme advantage over athletes 50 years ago. With new weight training and muscle growth beverages, people are able to grow bigger muscle faster. Therefore a super hero should have just as big of muscle as Lebron James or any other star athlete. When it comes to the 1950s dad image to the image fathers have today, I feel is a huge jump. I feel this because parenting is completely different today and with the divorce rates on the rise every year, the mother figure has become more powerful. I have several friends who live with just there mother, and they take on the roles a father should have. They cook, yet they are also seen having a football catch or going for a run. Mothers have become more active, yet they still have kept the same role of keeping things in order around the house. The father figure has changed from the 1950s by becoming less aggressive. My father always tells me stories about his father beating him and his brothers with a belt or slapping them around. My father would never lay and hand on me and is more verbal. My father also takes on a lot of roles around the house that would never be seen in a 1950s sitcom. He does all the gardening and cooking in my house. Over I enjoyed the film and agreed with most of the topics covered. I do feel like Katz overall goal/plan to end will take many years and full cooperation of a generation. It will take a whole need breed of humans to have everyone accept others for who they are/want to be.
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