Touching Spirit Bear Essay

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Touching Spirit Bear

Character Analysis – Cole

In Ben Mikealsen’s novel – Touching Spirit Bear, Cole is a 14 year old juvenile delinquent from Minneapolis. He is a very angry, furious, fierce and violent boy who does not seem to have any control over his anger. Although he might be a very angry and impatient, he is also honest, strong, reflective and hardworking person by the end of the book. What is the cause of Cole’s anger? What helped Cole changed into a better person? What role does the Spirit Bear play?

Cole does not seem to have any control of the unforgettable emotion, anger. “Edwin told me once that anger was a memory never forgotten. He’s right” (Page 130). The main cause of his anger is his own angry and alcoholic father and shy hopeless mother. Cole is beaten up by his angry father without any mercy, and his shy mother only watches him getting beaten. She does not even attempt to stop her husband from beating her own son. These irresponsible actions by Cole’s parents, made him feel that he was worthless and lived his life for no reason. “You don’t get it do you? My parents are divorced and don’t give a rat if I live or die. All they care about is themselves. Nobody cares about me. All my life I’ve been dumped on” (Page 27). As a result, the anger that was building inside of him eventually got out of control. He has been thinking that violence is the answer to any conflict. He began beating anyone who came in his way. For instance, he beat up Peter up for turning him down, even though he did not mean it. “How is peter?” “Not well. Garvey says his bouts of depression keep getting worse.” “I wish I could help him somehow” (Page 182). In this case, his anger completely overcame him and it made him pound Peter bloody and smash his head against the side walk. Therefore, he has been facing terrible consequences, due to one action caused by the anger inside him. Anger is a memory never forgotten and anger made its most with Cole. I conclude that,...
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