-Touch: a Campus Locator Map with Full 360° Panoramic View with Electronic Bulletin Board and Room Information Management Systems for Systems Plus College Foundation

Topics: Cartography, Locator map, Bulletin board system Pages: 5 (1353 words) Published: September 20, 2012
First Semester A.Y. 2012-2013
Name of the Proponents
De Vera, Ramon
Dungo, Israel
Jimenez, Rosh Marie
Tuazon, Roel

Adviser: Mr. Marcelo T. Regalado Jr.
Title of the project: “E-TOUCH: A Campus Locator Map with Full 360° Panoramic View With Electronic Bulletin Board and Room Information Management Systems for Systems Plus College Foundation” Brief description of the project proposal

As people go beyond the modernization of the world where automation is in demand, humans are given the capability and an inquisitive mind, so they endlessly seek for the better. More computer and gadgets are invented to make our lives easier and convenient. One of the useful materials that had been invented was the locator map. It is like a traditional map the only difference is that the locator map uses cartography to show of a particular geographic area.

But now a day’s locator map was upgraded it became a gadget like touch screen map locator. Touch screen map locator is the combination of a locator map and touch screen technology. Where the touch screen enables the user to interact with what is displayed directly on the screen, where it is displayed rather than indirectly with a mouse or touch pod. The touch screen locator map will be more helpful to the people that need to know the location of one place to another.

Today, one of the high technology produced that proponents can make it is the E-TOUCH: Campus Locator Map. Systems Plus College Foundation is an institution where buildings, colleges offices and class rooms is quite complicated, a system like a map locator is very essential in order to guide the students and other people in the school and visitors the right place.

A map is good, but some people get annoyed with maps since looking for a small place in a very big map will also take some time. Not if it is a touch screen map that capable to show the place with full 360 degree panoramic view by simply navigating the system through pointing/clicking it by the finger. The E-Touch: Campus Map Locator is a system where user can see the map of Systems Plus College Foundation with full 360o panoramic view by using the touch screen monitor; users can selects items or a button on the screen by pointing/clicking it using the finger. Users can navigate the school premises by pointing/clicking on the monitor where the users want to go to. It will be more useful to people that need to know specific location at a certain place without requiring any knowledge in computers. All they need to do is simply touch the screen and it will show the location of a particular area. Detailed description of the current system

At present, Systems Plus College Foundation is currently recognized as Center of Development in IT Education Programs in Region 3, continues to expand its stance towards excellence and quality education through technology. It is now fully equipped with available devices used as educational tools. Each department has their own building and with it a bulletin board along the hallway where the student can see and read the information such as school news and announcements specifically the department news and announcements. Each room of every building has a printed schedule posted on the door but the researchers noticed that it is not updated because whenever there are changes in the schedule updates are not regularly posted which causes confusion to the student and as well for the instructor. When it comes to the offices of the school, every doors of the office has a printed paper with name of the office written on it which is good. The school seems to be organized and has good facilities. And indeed, a beautiful place that you can roam around. Objectives of the study

The main objective of the study is to develop and implement the proposed system entitled, E-TOUCH : A Campus Locator Map with full 360o Panoramic View with Electronic Bulletin Board and Room Information Management System for Systems Plus...
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