Touch Screen Technology

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ELEC001 Project Report | Touch Screen Technology Group 30

ELEC001 Project Report

Touch Screen Technology

ELEC001 Project Report | Touch Screen Technology Group 30

1. Abstract In this report, we will investigate the applications and effects of touch screen technology in our daily lives. We will first discover the two common types of touch technology, namely resistive touch and projected capacitive touch. We will then study the effect of touch technology on different business industries as well as end users, followed by the applications of the technology. Towards the end, we will suggest some possible improvements on the technology for future development.

2. Objectives The objectives of this study were as follow. (1) To understand the underlying technology of the touch screen technology (2) To study the effect of touch screen technology on businesses and end-users (3) To investigate the applications of touch screen technology in our daily lives (4) To analyze and suggest improvements for the current technology

3. Background: The first touch screen was developed by E.A. Johnson at the Royal Radar Establishment, Malvern, UK in 1965. The touch screen technology gained little recognition until around 1975 with the PLATO project. Touch screen technology became more popular and was used in many industries and have

ELEC001 Project Report | Touch Screen Technology Group 30

different applications such as the kiosk systems in retail and tourist settings. Today, touch screen technology becomes more and more common and integrated in our everyday lives. More robust and sophisticated touch screen products are available in the market and customers become more rely on the technology.

4. Analysis 4.1 Resistive and projected capacitive touch technology Two common types of touch technology are resistive and projected capacitive touch. As shown in Figure 1, a resistive touch screen is made up of several layers, the surface consists two electrically conductive layers separated by a narrow gap. When an object presses on the screen, it completes the circuit, telling the phone which part of the screen is being pressed.

Figure 1 Resistive touch screen

ELEC001 Project Report | Touch Screen Technology Group 30

Illustrated in Figure 2, capacitive touch screens consists a layer of insulator such as glass coated with a transparent conductor. It surface thus senses the change in electrostatic field when a conducting object such as a finger is in contact.

Figure 2 Capacitive touch screen

After understanding its underlying technology, we analyzed and compared the two technologies in features that users are most concerned with in the table below:

Resistive Input objects Touch sensitivity Robustness Cost Any object, such as stylus Pressure is required Vulnerable to scratches Cheap

Capacitive Conducting object Slight contact is sufficient Resistant to scratches 10-50% more expensive

ELEC001 Project Report | Touch Screen Technology 4.2 Impact on the industry and end-users The invention of touch screen technology has given a new insight to many business industries. Computer programs have to be rewritten for applying the new technology and many products have to be redesigned. For end-users, they have to adapt to the new technology and get used to the intuitive and exciting user interface. The interface can help to replace traditional mouse, touch pad and keyboard by a direct touch on the screen for easier operation of the technological products. The touch screen technology becomes familiar and integrated in everyday life. We have done a simple research on the internet to investigate the spread of the touch screen technology. The result shows 99% of the interviewees have heard of the technology. Group 30

4.3 Application of touch screen technology Touch screen technology is widely used in our daily lives and have a wide applications. Daily life products: Cell phone, computer, camera are some products we may...
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