Totalitarian Regime: Hitler-Franco

Topics: Totalitarianism, Nazism, Fascism Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Totalitarian Regime
“Hitler had more success in establishing a totalitarian government than Franco” The twentieth century brought a radical reform in the political system for Europe. Throughout the whole continent a trend of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, with political features the world had never seen before, was developing. These reforms were mainly started by the anti-democratic movement; however the reasons differed in each country. Before we are able comparing Hitler’s regime and Franco’s we should look at the term totalitarianism itself. The idea of totalitarianism mainly means total control of the entire state, a complete way of life in which the government try to reach the great mass of ordinary people, to arouse and mobilize them, to control and organize as much of the people’s lives as possible. It involves complete revolution of the state with ideological backgrounds; the greatness of the state was more important than the interests and needs of the individual. It also meant a regime which is more centered on the acuteness of the society and stability in political ideas. When we look at Hitler’s Germany there were many characteristics of a totalitarian state. The Government had total control of the media. Every form of communication was liable and was heavily censored; there was no freedom of speech. This enabled the government to influence popular opinion via propaganda and also false news messages. Especially propaganda within the Nazi regime was highly effective. They released the importance of the Radio and newspaper as a media to communicate with the masses. The Nazi’s were totally aware of the power that propaganda had and the level of influence and manipulation that this had over the people. They carefully planned radio broadcasts and also used rallies and films to make a whole population believe that Hitler and the party had the overwhelming support of the masses. They manipulated news so they were engineered to show the successes...
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