Totalitarian Government: Discovering Dystopia in Matched

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  • Published : December 15, 2011
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What if you lived in a world where someone decided who you loved, where you worked, when you died? Cassia Reyes, the protagonist in Ally Condie's novel, Matched struggles with living in The Society where everything is fair, evenly distributed and individuality is scarce. On her 17th birthday, Cassia is matched with her best friend Xander (Condie 15). When Cassia attempts to read her match guidelines, she sees a face that is not Xander's (Condie 35). Is it possible that the officials have made a mistake? In The Society where human error is unacceptable, nothing is left to chance and nothing is a mistake, how can Cassia learn the truth and break free? Questioning herself, the idea of being matched, and the entire society she lives in, Cassia begins to unravel her own life and beliefs, uncovering all the lies and deceit while showing the readers how a utopian world can easily become dystopian. Matched is an excellent example of dystopian literature. Access to information, independent thought, and personal freedoms are restricted. As well, all citizens must conform to uniform expectations with limited individuality. Cassia helps us see that there is something terribly wrong in her society, questioning what has been laid out for her.

The Society has many information restrictions. They say it is because the previous society failed due to too much technology; an overwhelming amount of choice. The Society only has one hundred of everything: [The items] our society chose to keep, back when they decided our culture was too cluttered. [The Society] created commissions to choose the hundred best of everything. The rest were eliminated, gone forever. For the best of society said and everyone believed them because it made sense. How can [the citizens] appreciate anything fully if [they] are overwhelmed with so much? (Condie 29). This is restricting to the citizens and makes it easier for officials to hide things. By restricting their citizens, The Society hopes they will...
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