Totalitarian Essay

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  • Published : November 28, 2012
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Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union. The totalitarian regimes of the 1920’s-1930’s. These regimes, although in different areas, shared a common goal; total control. In order to achieve this these regimes would need to gain the support of the people. Adolf Hitler was said, “Burn into the little man’s soul the proud conviction that though a little worm, he is nonetheless part of a great dragon.” I believe these regimes accomplished Hitler’s goal in this quote by using techniques; some different and some similar.

Adolf Hitler of Germany was the leader of the Anti-Semitic Nazi regime. Hitler realized he needed real followers, people who fully believed in his practice. In order to achieve this he used propaganda, rewards, and feelings of national pride. The Nazi regime used posters, movies, books, and other devices to manipulate mold the people’s image to what the regime wanted them to see instead of the cruel reality that was really taking place. When people saw these glorified images, it put a good connotation on everything that the Nazi regime was doing and trying to accomplish. The people truly believed the Nazi regime was good because of what was being portrayed. Another way the Nazi regime accomplished their goal was by providing the people with the national pride that had been lost after the First World War. The Nazi’s brought Germany back on top. The Nazi’s liked to make everyone feel accepted and needed. They wanted everyone to feel like they were part of a big family. They even made low class workers with small jobs feel like they were such a big part of society and their job was an honor. The last main way the Nazi’s accomplished their goal was through rewards. The Nazi regime would reward their followers for being loyal and obeying commands. They would find your weaknesses and use them to lure you in. Everyone is naturally going to love someone who rewards them and makes them feel proud. People back then, were almost like dogs. When dogs do something...
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