Total War and Genocide

Topics: World War II, Nazi Germany, Total war Pages: 6 (2097 words) Published: March 19, 2013
TA New Generation of War

War has been around for thousands of years and has held witness to the rise and fall of empires, help create and destroy world powers, and allowed the world to observe new technological advances. However new concept of warfare came about in the twentieth-century that yielded a more significant impact on the modern world more than just causalities that had been witnessed in the past. Total war and genocide brought about technological, psychological, social, and economic effects to all the nations around the world in the twentieth-century.

Total war was a new concept that is first really witnessed in the world during the French Revolutionary War. However, it’s impact can be observed on a larger scale during World War I. War was rapidly changing from the rules of engagement, to the involvement of the men and women left back home. The concept of total war is that the war directly impacts all aspects of the nation; in previous wars the impact from the homeland people rarely directly impacted any outcome of the war. However in World War I there is a greater effort of all people in the war effort. At this time economies took significant financial rhits as costs were more strictly controlled while unemployment rate disappeared over night, Women assumed a larger role in keeping the nation and war effort going by running the factories and helping make the supplies that would help the men on the front lines. One of the most important and dangerous jobs during this time that women and children did was working in munitions factories where they put together ammunition shells. Women and children had to carefully put together the bomb shells and avoid sparks while assembling the shells because the gun powder would explode and kill anyone nearby. Women took jobs in factories doing men’s jobs and taking on the responsibilities of being the head of the household. Auto factories helped produce armored trucks and tanks instead of automobiles, while clothes factories produced uniforms and tents for the soldiers. The impact of the war was not just thrust upon the soldiers; it was felt by everyone in the society. Also during this time the introduction of propaganda was widespread throughout the world, the popularity of Uncle Sam advertisements and others really evolved during this time period. War was very trying on all the individuals involved and it was important for the government to keep the people committed to support the war effort in any way possible. When war broke out freedom of the press rights are more closely restricted as the government wanted to keep the moral at home as positive as possible. Men were overseas for long periods of time and with news traveling faster and the spread of media growing larger with each passing day it was important for the government to control what messages were being put out there and get people inspired to work for the cause or purchase war bonds to help pay for the war effort. One major example of this was in France during World War I, the former Prime Minister Joseph Caillaux spent two years in prison before being put on trial because he suggested to the public that it was the best interest of the French people that they sign a peace treaty with Germany.

World War II brought about the next major change to war in the twentieth century. When people talk about World War II most people remember Adolph Hitler, the Nazi’s, and the Holocaust. The important thing to remember though is that the Holocaust did not lead to the war, it was and aspect that was developed during the war and added a much larger story to the War. World War II was started on the grounds of a worldwide depression from World War I as Germany, Italy, and Japan chose to attempt to expand their global influence around the world and pushed the world back into another world war. Genocide was the next aspect that was brought to the wars of the twentieth-century. Genocide is a systematic attempt to rid a...
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