Total Quality Management in Front Office in Hotels:

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Total Quality Management in Front Office in Hotels:

Manish Anand
M.M.I.C.T&B.M (Hotel Management) M.M. University Mullana, Ambala.


Total Quality Management can be defined as a tool to look after and improve the effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness of any business enterprise. In hotels TQM consists of commitment of the hotel to the guests using the services in all departments with all employees on each level. Quality consists of a complex term particularly related to the are of service provision. When quality is considered in terms of Front Office Department in a Hotel it means a series of actions taken place to satisfying the needs of a guest from pre arrival stage to the arrival his stay in the hotel and departure stage. Quality consists mainly of Total Quality Management and it also helps in upgrading the importance of the organization.

Definition of Quality: The word quality is used frequently in today’s scenario and it has been observed that it has been used more in lat ten years than used in last ten centuries (Grover 1997). There is no fix definition of quality as its perception differs from person to person. The meaning of quality is the perception of the guest in his mind about the services he is availing in the hotel that can be different in different times in different areas like Front Desk, Restaurants, and Room etc. Though definition of quality was framed as when a product or services is meeting its prescribed specifications but in today’s world the definition of quality has no limits depending on how a customer thinks about the product or services or what he expects from the services. How ever now the conception of quality now is not only concerned with guest satisfaction but also to exceed them like customer loyalty retaining the customers for long time in hotels. Quality depends on the customer’s evaluation of value for their money of a product or service (Velissoriou et al, 2000). Quality can also be defined as providing the desired services to the guests at a price that they can afford at a constant cost. TQM defines the quality standards and also upgrades its importance for

the hotel in a meaningful way. Good cooperation is required among all departments and all sections of the hotel makes as a precondition for providing quality service to the guests.

The basic components of TQM:

This means that each and every employee in the hotel organization should be involved individually and collectively as a team work to understand and to know the expectations of the guests whether staying with the hotel or not else prospective guests.

The assurance that the guests in the hotel get the services of their expected level and even get services exceeding that level.

The way in which all the employees (manpower) are involved in the of functioning of the Hotel (Organization).

A total quality management system includes several things like orientation of staff towards guest, understanding guest expectations, assigning the responsibilities focus on following set standards and more stress on continuous improvement pf services.

The orientation towards guest means understanding and satisfying their expectations in a better way is the basic factor in each step of action of the hotel. All the activities of an organization should be based on customer needs (Goetsch and Davies, 1997). The requirement of the guests their expectations is the first thing a hotel should identify. A Hotel organization has to continuously look after the needs of the guest and tries to fulfill the requirement of the guests through the policies of continues improvement in standards and services.

Application of TQM in Front Office in Hotels is based on following :

Quality in Front Office in a hotel means providing services to a guest as per his expectations not only at his arrival but from pre arrival during his stay in hotel and at the time of departure. Here...
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