Total Quality Management for an Mba Program

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Total Quality Management is a business management strategy or philosophy that is a combination of quality and management tools aimed at increasing business and reducing losses due to wasteful practices. It’s a method of involving management and employees in the continuous improvement of production quality of goods or services. The concept of TQM is also applicable in academics. It is believed that Deming’s concept of TQM can provide guiding principals for much needed educational reforms in our society. TQM can be equally implemented in an MBA Program in the same manner as it will be implemented in any academic field. But for TQM to be implemented in an MBA Program, it is very much important to understand the main elements and principals of general TQM tools that can be related to practices of an MBA Program because all the aspects of TQM can not be adopted in an MBA Program. TQM for an academic process will be somehow different from TQM for any other process.


Total Quality Management (TQM) is nothing but a business management strategy of practicing and embedding awareness of quality in all organizational process. It’s a management approach that aims at long term success through customer satisfaction and full participation of all the employees of an organization in quality improvement. TQM for an MBA Program is also an academic management starategy that aims at continuous improvement of class room teaching methodologies and administrative processes of universities or colleges that conduct an MBA Program. TQM needs to be implemented in a phase by phase manner in an academic setup because academics are totally different from industry and corporate world and they can not be compared on equal basis. Adopting TQM in an MBA Program will bring some innovation in the academic process like the first time introduction of Executive MBA Program in 1993 by University of Chicago Business School (Illinois) which was also the product of TQM practice in the university. TQM in an MBA Program seeks to integrate all academic and administrative activities to focus on meeting students’ needs and organizational objectives of an university or college so that quality education and a nice academic experience can be given to all those involved in an MBA Program. MAIN ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPALS


Quality as per the customer satisfaction- Definition of quality for a given work can differ from peson to person. But our main concrn should be the customers view point of the quality.What quality means to the customer? Emphasis should be given on this. Responsibility of top leadership- For TQM to be implemented in an organization, top management of the organization has to play an important role. Top leadership has to have a sense of responsibility for managing the quality of the work done in the organization. Only then TQM measures can be successful. Systematic analysis of work processes- The entire process of work in an organization has to be analysed systematically for increasing the overall quality of the work. The loopholes in the work process can be easily found by doing the proper analysis of the work process. Continuous effort for quality improvement- Maintaining the quality is not considered good in TQM. Improving the quality continuosly is what TQM looks for. Continuous effort is conducted through out the organization for mproving the quality continuosly from one level to another level.


Process, not the people are the problem in TQM.
In an Organization, everybody is responsible when quality comes. Prevention of problem is preferred over fixation of problem. Everyone is customer and supplier in an organization.
Continuous improvement in quality is what TQM stands for. Quality is measured on time to time...
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