Total Quality Management Dalda Food (Pvt) Ltd

Topics: Cooking oil, Vegetable fats and oils, Cooking oils Pages: 8 (2637 words) Published: November 2, 2012
Executive summary:
We have selected Dalda because we are seeing Dalda in our houses from the time we have opened our eyes, but now some of our group members mother has stopped to use Dalda because of its quality, and an interview of Dalda’s manager appeared on the pages of Aurora, about “Why Dalda is losing its position?” and these are the main reasons which forced us to select it for our project Chapter 1:

The Dalda story has its origins in the early part of the last century, when Dutch traders brought hydrogenated vegetable fat to India. It soon became such a popular cooking medium that it was considered commercially viable to set up a local manufacturing plant. In the early 1930’s Hindustan Vansapati Manufacturing Company established a factory at Sewri, in what is today’s Greater Mumbai. In 1937, the Dalda brand was established to sell Vansapati. The Dalda name has Dutch roots. It was imported by a Dutch company, Dada & Co. In the early 1930’s when Hindustan Vansapati Manufacturing Co (today’s Hindustan Lever Limited) wanted to start manufacturing Vansapati locally, Dada & Co, insisted that the branded product should reflect their name. Hindustan Lever, in a bid to establish their ownership of the brand managed to prevail and introduced the ‘L’ for Lever into the name. The production and marketing of this new cooking medium was so successful that before long Dalda became a household name. Dalda became a household name and the yellow tin with the green palm tree was a familiar site in every Pakistani kitchen. The brand was so well established that soon Dalda and Vansapati were established as interchangeable names for the same product. The green date palm came to symbolize purity and Dalda was identified as a cooking medium that preserved the original pure taste of the food. Dalda is a brand established in pre-partition days by Hindustan Lever. Unilever continued with the brand name of Dalda in Pakistan in 1947. Dalda is the largest selling brand in Pakistan and is marketed all over the country. More recently, in August 2003, the global agribusiness major, Bunge Ltd bought over the Dalda brand from Hindustan Lever. It has since extended the Dalda product range to include a range of edible oils in a bid to establish itself in the burgeoning edible oils market in Asia. Christopher White, Regional General Manager (Asia), Bunge Ltd., describes the extension of the Dalda brand as “resuscitation.” “The brand’s heartbeat has endured though it had no voice,” he says. He believes this extension will create a stronger platform for it. “It’s about adding to the story that is Dalda”. Bunge Ltd. has launched five new edible oils to cater to the differing palates in different parts of the country. Gingerly oil and sunflower oil were launched in South India, while mustard oil and soybean oil were launched in North India. Recognizing the popularity of groundnut oil across the country, Bunge Ltd has launched it in both the Northern and Southern markets. Despite its strong track record and being clear leader in the market with 9.7 percent of total branded share (Vansapati 7.4% and edible refined oil 16.4%) in Pakistan, UPL had to sell its SOFB products as part of Unilever’s global strategy focus on core brand and product areas. The core business for Unilever Pakistan consists of detergents, soaps, personal products, beverages, foods (including margarine) and ice cream. Internationally, Unilever has already divested from its edible oils business, as this is not central to the development of its future global strategy. As a result of the sale by Unilever Pakistan of its oils and fat business, Unilever Pakistan will enhance its focus on its core business in Pakistan, which is vital for its long-term future. Products:

Dalda Cooking Oil:
Dalda Cooking Oil is the premium quality oil for cooking and frying. It is a blend of Canola, Sunflower, and Soybean oil, and is 100% Cholesterol free. It is healthy as it contains...
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