Total Quality Management

Topics: Total quality management, W. Edwards Deming, Kaoru Ishikawa Pages: 9 (2342 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Total Quality Management

Quality Theories & Contributions by Theorists
Assignment # 1

Prepared by: Fatma Naseeb Al Menhali (960000847)
Prepared for: Martina Gordonwatson
Number of Words= 1948
(Exclude Introduction & Reference)

Table of Contents

Summary of Contributions and Theories of Quality Gurus4
What is a quality guru?4
Edwards Deming4
Joseph Juran4
Philips Crosby4
Kaoru Ishikawa4
Explanation of Kaoru Ishikawa’s Theory4
Ishikawa’s theory leads to enhanced quality management outcomes4 Application4
How you would apply this theory in the workplace4
Ishikawa’s Theory Applied in Tawam Hospital4
Expected outcomes to be achieved by Ishikawa’s theory4
Pitfalls to avoid4


The aim of this report is to understand the quality theories and the contributions made by the quality gurus/ theorists (either western or Japanese); and how these theories helped in improving the quality management in any business organization by implementing them to achieve the required quality management goals.

The report will start with a brief description of the some western gurus and one of the Japanese theorists and their contribution in the quality management. Then, the second part will be about one our own selected theory and its explanation, and how would we apply that theory in our workplace and what are the expected outcomes after this implementation. The last part will be conclusion of the pitfalls to avoid when implementing theory successfully  

Summary of Contributions and Theories of Quality Gurus
What is a quality guru?
“A guru, by definition, is a good person, a wise person and teacher. A quality guru should be all of these, plus have a concept and approach to quality within business that has made a major and lasting impact.“ Edwards Deming

ProfileOne of the Americans who went to Japan after world war II. He did Electrical Engineering, PhD from Yale University. His contribution to the improvement of Quality Management considered great achievement. ApproachHe believes that quality can be achieved by systems & Leadership. He was mainly famous for the “system of profound knowledge”, “14 points plan”, “deadly disease” & “Deming Cycle” ConceptDeming states: “Without profound knowledge, management action can cause ruination (Deming, 1989, revised 1991). It is made up of 4 theories: Theory of systems

Theory of knowledge
Theory of variation
Theory of psychology
Deming Cycle: Plan, Do , Check, Act, Analyze
The 7 Deadly diseases that affect Quality Management in any firm: Lack of planning for products- Short term profit focus- Personal review without provision of resources- Job hopping by managers- Decision making based on visible things - Excessive medical cost & liability cost Contribution to QMChain Reaction for Quality Management:

1.Improve quality, system & process
2.Costs Decrease, therefore, Productivity increase
3.Market Share increase (better quality, lower price)
4.Stay in business longer & Improved ROI
5.Provide jobs, more jobs
Joseph Juran
ProfileOne of the Americans Gurus who took the message of Quality to Japan. ApproachHe favors Structured “planned” approach to achieve quality. ConceptHis concepts include 3 basic steps to progress:

Structured improvement on continual basis
Extensive training program
Commitment and leadership
The Principle of the Vital Few and Trivial Many
The Ten Steps to Quality Improvement
The Breakthrough Sequence
The Project–by–Project Approach
Juran Quality Trilogy: Planning, control, improvement
Contribution to QMThe internal customers, “quality trilogy”, “Pareto analysis”, “3 steps to progress”, “Cost of Quality”. The Pareto Principle says: 80% of troubles comes from 20% of problems
Focus on few vital sources of problems
Philips Crosby
ProfileOne of the...
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