Total Quality Management

Topics: Total quality management, Project management, Management Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: May 25, 2013
1. What is the difference between Juran’s definition of Strategic Quality Management and Madu and Kuei’s definition of Strategic Total Quality Management? Juran (1988) defined SQM as a “systematic approach for setting and meeting quality goals throughout the company…with upper management participation in managing for quality to an unprecedented degree.” Madu and Kueis (1993) use the term strategic total quality management, which they define as an extension of TQM that “views quality as the driving force to the survivability and competitiveness of a firm.” 2. What is the difference between validity and reliability? Validity is the degree to which the method used to collect the data actually measures what it is intended to measure. Reliability is the consistency of the method. 3. Describe each of the seven tools of management and how management can benefit from using them? Affinity diagram: are similar in function to cause and effect diagrams in that they are designed to help in the organization of ideas and facts relating to a broad concept into categories. A business can benefit from this because ideas generated in a brainstorming session or a focus group provide more information for planning purposes when they are organized into categories using an affinity diagram. Tree diagram: allows managers to plan the actions necessary to implement the ideas and objectives shown on the affinity diagram. Matrix diagram: enables planners to graphically depict relationships between concepts. Interrelationship digraph: graphically depicts casual relationships among the categories from an affinity program. Prioritization matrix: allows the comparison of both quantitative and qualitative data in the same analysis. Activity network diagram: is both a project planning and project control tool. As a project planning tool, it requires that the entire project be broken down into its component activities, that the duration of each activity be forecast, and that the...
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