Total Quality Management

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Total Quality Management – MGT510


Lesson # 01 OVERVIEW OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL MANAGERIAL ERA (1950) In our present age of market driven capitalism and futuristic knowledge driven economic markets, the decision are made and the trends are set by the professional managers. Unlike their predecessors, the captains of today’s business do not own their own companies. They must know the whole business but have control over only one small part. They must be product oriented, process conscious, financially responsible, and public spirited. They must be all things to all people, yet still function as only one cog in the wheel. If the history of management tells us anything, it is that, no matter what happens; peace or war, prosperity or famine, this world will always be in need of good managers . . . the kind who can get society from “where it is” to “where it wants to be.” Can you be one? What is an Organization? “An entity where two or more persons work together to achieve a goal or a common purpose is called Organization.” There are so many organizations around us. Daily we visit and see many organizations. Hospitals, Colleges, Factories, Farms and Government offices. Mosque/Church is also an example of an organization. People go there and say prayers. Activities of praying are to achieve a certain goal. Similarly, any unit in which two or more persons are working together for some purpose is called an organization. Unit of Organization: • People • Purpose • Process • POLCA If there is an organization, then there must be some people. They work as whole for a common purpose, so there must be a defined purpose. If an organization doesn’t have any purpose, it will not survive for long run. To achieve the purposes by using people, the processes are needed. Without any process, you cannot achieve any type of purpose or goal. If we see in our daily life, we have some goals. For achieving these goals, we use some processes. So that process is also obvious and important for an organization. The last important thing for any organization is that it requires main pillars of management i.e. POLCA: • • • • Planning Organizing Leading Controlling

A manager must perform all theses management functions with Assurance! Quality Focus Approach to Management “There are really only three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say, ‘What happened?”

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Total Quality Management – MGT510


The total quality concept as an approach to doing business began to gain wide acceptance in the west in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, individual elements of the concept – such as the use of statistical data, teamwork, continual improvement, customer satisfaction, and employee involvement – have been used by visionary organizations for years. It is the pulling together and coordinated use of these and other previously disparate elements that gave birth to the comprehensive concept known as total quality. Why Focus on Quality? To understand total quality, one must first understand quality. Customers of businesses will define quality very clearly using specifications, standards, and other measures. This makes the point that quality can be defined and measured. Although few consumers could define quality if asked, all know it when they see it. This makes the critical point that quality is in the eye of the beholder. With the total quality approach, customers ultimately define quality. People deal with the issue of quality continually in their daily lives. We concern ourselves with quality when grocery shopping, eating in a restaurant, and making a major purchase such as an automobile, a home, a television, or a personal computer. Perceived quality is a major factor by which people make distinctions in the market place. Whether we articulate them openly or keep them in the back of our minds. We all apply a number of criteria when...
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