Total Quality in Fast Food

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  • Published : January 22, 2012
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Total Quality in Fast Food
MGT 449

Total Quality in Fast Food
In the world of fast food restaurants product and service quality are what make or break a chain. Both Wendy’s and McDonald’s have spent years and millions of dollars to get the level of quality that they produce just right. The key to the success of both of these fast food giants is total quality management. While they both may share some marketplaces, they both use different processes to get the results that they are looking for. Wendy’s currently operates in North America while McDonald’s operates on a global scale. While both of these companies provide their customers with a wonderful fast food experience, they do not always use the same procedures to test and market new products.

Wendy’s and McDonald’s are known very well in the United States and Canada. One only has to see a girl with bright red braids or hear the phrase “I’m lovin’ it” to suddenly start to crave food from either of these fast food giants. We are well versed in the menu options available at both chains and many of us could recite several of the menu options off the top of our head. The menu at both chains is very carefully researched and tested so as to make sure that each menu item will produce the best possible profit for the customer while delivering the quality that we have come to associate with each company. The big difference between the two companies lies in the markets that they work in. The Wendy’s chain is a North American chain located throughout the United States, Canada, and recently in Mexico. The market that they are working with is somewhat similar, although allowing for some regional differences between the three countries. McDonald’s, however, works on a world wide scale. They deal with dozens of different markets which each require their own market research and testing because the culture or dietary needs of those countries is very different from those of other areas of the world....
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