Total Environmental Health and Safety Management

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Unit Three Question 2
Explain the difference between authority, responsibility, and accountability as they apply to OSH program management. In your discussion, provide examples of how your current organization implements these concepts. Is it effective? How can you tell? What recommendations do you have for improvement?

Total Environmental Health and Safety Management

There is a tremendous amount of difference between authority, responsibility, and accountability as they apply to the OSH program management. As read in the textbook by Manuele (2008 p. 86) and under the section 3.1.3, Responsibility And Authority of the Z10, requires that management define the roles, assign responsibilities and the authority, provide the necessary resources, and establish accountability. He states too that if a management accountability system for safety, health, and environmental results is not in place that the management commitment to attaining superior results is doubtful. Manuele even mentions that management’s accountability without its consequences isn’t accountability.

Employers must flex their authority in their safety program and pen who has what role; assign who has what responsibility and who has what accountability of particular items or actions. Management is to provide the leadership and assume the responsibility of integrating safety, health and environmental aspects for a total effect for their safety management system. Management sets the safety culture for the remaining employees to follow. Lead from the front and the rear will follow. Superior results will occur if superior leadership initiates.

Reflecting on the Z10 Guide would assist someone on setting up the authority, responsibility and accountability of a safety program. Referencing the Appendix B, Roles and Responsibilities, of the Z10 Guide mentions too that employees shall assume responsibility for aspects of health and safety over which they have control. So, Joe the Plumber can’t skate...
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