Total Domination and Forced Obedience

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  • Published : November 19, 2008
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Total Domination and Forced Obedience
Total domination and forced obedience is not a constructive or efficient way to lead others. For example, Lao-tzu says that a good leader or government should let their citizens or subjects live their lives the way they want to. “When the Master governs, the people are hardly aware that he exists.” (A World Of Ideas pg. 22) Hannah Ardent is the exact opposite. She says “Total domination, which strives to organize the infinite plurality and differentiation of human beings as if all of humanity were just one individual…” (A World Of Ideas pg.88) My personal experiences show that this is true. Living in my house was hell, but it wasn’t always like that. Growing up my parents and I got along great. But with my sister home it was always a little harder to deal with my parents because they always seemed angry. She knew how to press their buttons, and she did so daily. But no matter how angry they were with her they never directed that anger towards me. That was until my sister graduated and was out of the house. I don’t know if they were just used to taking their anger out on her and needed someone to let loose on, but they began to focus in on me. I was in 8th grade when my sister graduated and they expected perfection from me. But this was only the beginning of a treacherous four year journey through high school. And as I said before, the older I got the harder it became to stay in that house. I don’t know if this was a hormonal problem my mom had or bipolar disease, but I was confident as I am now, that my mom has an anger problem. She would become upset with the simplest of things as would my dad. If there was a sock on my floor or my bed would be unmade, I would be grounded. Or if my mom thought my appearance was unacceptable for going out I would be told to change. My mom was so worried about what people thought about her she takes complete control to make sure we were viewed as perfect. As you can imagine perfect is...
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