Toshiba El-Araby

Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: November 24, 2012
Company’s Background
El-Araby Group has witnessed many strategic stages since it was established in 1964,Today, it has become, thanks to God the Almighty, one of the most important industrial and commercial entities in Egypt and the Middle East, The company started its operations with a capital of 4000 LE, The founding three brothers were Mohamed Ibrahim El-Araby, Mahmoud Ibrahim El-Araby and Abd Algayed Ibrahim El-Araby' The company started its activities in the field of hardware and children's toys, Afterwards, the development of the group started by partnerships with major Japanese companies, most importantly the Toshiba Corporation in 1974, and hence we became the only Arab commercial agent for Toshiba products in Egypt' The second partnership was with the Japanese Sharp Corporation in 2002. History of El-Araby in brief

•1964- Founding El-Araby Company by Mr. Mahmoud El-Araby.
•1968- Starting the partnership among the three brothers – Mohamed, Mahmoud and Abd Elgayed •1970- Starting to trade in black-and-white TV sets.
•1974- Importing SANYO black-and-white TV sets and Toshiba fans & radio-cassettes. •1975- Signing the contract of commercial agency with Toshiba, the Japanese company. •1982- Opening the first factory of electrical fans, started assembling Toshiba TV sets •1985- Acquiring the SEIKO (watches) franchise, The only agent for SEIKO & ALBA •1991- Establishing a new company "El-Araby Company for Trade & Manufacturing". •1993- Industrial plant which includes 10 factories on an area of 36000 square meters. •1994- Producing motors of fans and ceiling fans.

•1995- Producing color TV sets AIWA radio cassette recorders. •1998- Opening the office equipment sector.
•1999- Quesna industrial complex, starting to produce half-automatic washing machines. •2000-Starting to produce TOSHIBA 29-inch TV sets.
•2001- Opening Toshiba Refrigerators Factory, with a production capacity of 250000 units a year. •2002- Opening of the factory to produce the super...
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