Torture: Sociology and Foucault States

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Throughout the 17th and 18th century, torture was a form of punishment on the individual. There were grusome forms of punishment during these times and society pushed forward a change in how the "individual" should be punished. Foucault focuses on how punishment changed from the body to the soul in the 18th century. There was a new form of control rising during this period of time and society soon began to run like a clock. Foucault puts forth the idea that punishment of the soul is the only way social control was obtained. the body is the subject of attention. Now, however, the body is not subject to torture but to forces of discipline and control. Foucault analyzes various technologies that control and affect the body. The social structure is the only way society is going to cooperate and bring forth the "Docile Body". The main focus of this paper will be the time-table of each individual by their establishes rhythms throughout the day, attitude, and how occupations make people powerless in different ways.

An individual gets into an established rhythm throughout they day. From the second that we wake up, we all have some routine day in a day out. It could be going to work, going on a run, taking the kids to school, or simply playing on a sports team. The body acts like a machine that continues to run day in and day out. For example, if someone decides to skip work it's going to put their job in jeopardy, as well as their pay. Most people don't miss work because the power of the discipline. If people were able to do whatever they wanted, there would be chaos and no form of dictatorship in society. Foucault notices that the high ruler in society controls our actions with everything we do, making us the "docile body". Foucault states, "Docility is achieved through the actions of discipline. Discipline is different from force or violence because it is a way of controlling the operations and positions of the body" (152). Meaning that violence or force...
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