Torture Memos

Topics: John Walker Lindh, Torture, Taliban Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Dark Side
Leads off book
Very important role
Experience of life after 9/11/01
Very terrifying
Overwhelming/Imminent doom
Torture Memos
Memo to Alberto Gonzalez
Cruel and Unusual punishment
What constitutes torture?
Prolonged suffering
Physical OR mental
What level of pain?
Possible death
Organ failure
Predicate act
Mentally sound
What must be present to prove torture
Level of pain and suffering
Part I
Means the same thing that the US law says it means.
* Dark Side Topics (Our Group)
Thought of short term benefits as opposed to long term
President worked to get what he needed legally by doing what was necessary (loopholes, lawyers, etc.) Book helps to portray some of the things a normal American wouldn’t usually know about Used terms like ‘enhanced interrogation’ in order to allow for torture to still go on without legally being called torture First time ever that the U.S. has allowed torture

Most prisoners ended up being innocent
Can be counterproductive for the most part
Manipulated information for president that only pertained to one side of the torture situation Made it so he would simply go along with what Cheney wanted to go along with Taking away more liberties than is needed

Took more focus away from Bush and put some on Cheney
Not just a book that slams Bush; actually presents truthful facts to gain a well-rounded idea on the topic

Dark Side Main Topics (All Groups)
What is and is not torture?
President does what he sees fit
John Walker Lindh
Detainee 001
American Taliban
Presidential Prerogative
Page 152
Role of War Council
Cheney, Addington, Haynes, Levin, Yoo
Engineering everything behind the scenes
Interrupting normal routing procedure of ANY large organization Controlling flow
FISA Corp. and wiretapping
Controls president and public
Disregarded Geneva Conventions and Rights of normal military personnel President not truthful with public
Says “enhanced...
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