Torture Essay

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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One of the main arguments against torture is that it is immoral. There are plenty of arguments to whether torture should be legalized or not. Alan Dershowitz believes that torture should be legalized for life saving events. This may be true; however, Phillip Heymann believes that legalizing torture would begin a slippery slope towards widespread use of torture in less extreme situations, making torture become a common place. After considering both sides to the debate I agree with . I would be skeptical about legalizing torture because of “crooked cops”. Some people of higher authority might take advantage of their privileges, and like Heymann inquired, they might use torture for little situations which would be completely inappropriate. If torture was legalized, authorities would probably be able to find out more information about a certain situation, like a bomb threat. Even though that would be helpful, you shouldn’t treat a human in such a brutal manner, no matter what they did. It’s very hard to make a decision on whether torture should be legalized or not but I don’t believe that it would be a good thing in America. I believe torture is immoral, it is not effective, and it cannot be justified. Torture should always be illegal because it is always wrong. Torture does not represent America. To me, America represents freedom and torture isn’t an aspect of freedom. Torturing people is evil and if it was to ever be legalized I feel that it would leave a stain on our country. I also believe torture is unnecessary. With the increase in technology, it’s hard for almost anyone to get away with crimes that can’t be solved. I believe that the victim of torture would tell his torturers anything misleading or false to get them to stop. I don’t think that torture is immoral because it doesn’t work, torture would still be immoral if it did in fact work. Torture is just immoral because it is a violation of human rights. Torture was a good way to extract a confession, but...
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