Topics: Suffering, Torture, Abuse Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: March 10, 2013
30 November 2012
The End of Torture
Imagine being the person whose body is strapped down to a board, and having water poured down your face to provoke a drowning affect. Or imagine yourself in the shoes of a man who has stood on his feet for hours and hours as his ankles begin to swell and blisters form upon his feet. Lastly, imagine being violently beaten as people stand and watch with no one willing to help. The examples above are methods of psychological torture and physical torture used to extract information from terrorist. Since the events of September 11th, more people have embraced torture upon terrorist. Most governmental agencies like the CIA prefer to use psychological torture on captured terrorist as a source of interrogation because it does not leave any physical scars but it does leave psychological scars. Though psychological torture does not leave any physical evidence upon the body, it can injure someone mentally. Torture should not be used as a method to gain information; there are other alternatives. Practicing torture to gain information undermines America’s morals, values and principles, it is an ineffective method to gain information, and it causes serve injuries. Furthermore, Torture undermines the morals, values, and principles set in place by the founding fathers. As Americans we share most of the same morals and values: care and responsibility, equality, and freedom. These values represent a nation that offers equal protection, with little political and national dependence. The use of torture undermines all of these morals and values. In the article “How Much Torture is Ok?,” Cathy Young notes, “That torture degrades both its victims and perpetrators” (693). Torture violates the equal protection that is granted to citizens and it is influenced much by the government. The eighth amendment in the Constitution and The Geneva Conventions are regulations that support our morals and values to reject cruel and unusual punishment. By going...
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