Tortorici Case

Topics: Psychiatry, Mental disorder, Crime Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: April 28, 2009
*Emily A. Singleton-Burruano* 1 Hands On: Crime and Punishment of a Delusional Emily A. Singleton-Burruano Kaplan University CJ100 Professor Campbell April 20, 2009 KU CJ100 *Emily A. Singleton-Burruano* 2 In the case of Ralph Tortoric I found it hard to determine where I stood from the article in the Kaplan library alone. After extensive internet research I came to the conclusion that I do agree with the judge’s ruling. When Judge Rosen ordered the first competency evaluation Tortoriciwas declared incompetent to stand trial, meaning he was unable to understand the nature of the charges against him. Upon this finding, Tortorici was sent to a secure mental health facility where he spent several months. Eventually, the psychiatrists certified him competent to stand trial therefore the criminal procedures went forward. Not only was it determined by the doctors, the judge himself had a lengthy conversation with Tortorici at which time it was evident that Tortorici understood his charges as well as his rights. During this conversation, Judge Rosen made note that Ralph responded to each question appropriately and asked questions back to the judge. We have to understand that we are not looking at what his mental state of mind was at the time of the incident, rather his mental state of mind at the time of the trial. Therefore, when Ralph was found to be competent to stand trial it was believed that he understood the nature of the charges against him and could, if he chose to do so, aid in his defense. KU CJ100 *Emily A. Singleton-Burruano* 3 I am not disagreeing with the fact that Mr. Tortorici was mentally ill, this is clearly evident. However, he committed a crime and it was time to face the punishment for that crime. I feel that he was treated fairly in the trial but I would have liked to see a court ordered follow up psychiatric treatment plan in place for Tortorici. In my opinion, regardless of the crime that is committed or the mental state of the...
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