Tortilla Flats Ap Book Report

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Emily Dang
Mr. Moran
English 1 H
8 April 2013
AP Book Report For Tortilla Flats
1. Title of Work: Tortilla Flats
2. Author and date written: John Steinbeck, 1935
3. Country of author: USA
4. Characters:
Danny: Came from a rich family but does not like to act rich as a kid. When he came back from war he was a wreck since he had no idea what to do. However, he is able to make some decisions for his friends. Leader: Even though everyone in the group is pretty much the same, Danny is slightly more superior since he owns the house. Also, he knows how to treat each house member. For example, that time when Big Joe decided to try to take the Pirate’s gold, Danny and the rest of the men beat Joe to teach him a lesson about stealing.

Pilon: Pilon is the smartest in the group. He can always think his way through things. Also, he is a righteous person. He is the first person Danny meets when Danny gets back from jail. Smart: Found a way to get the Pirate’s gold. He thinks out of the box

Pablo: Knows what to do when to do it and just goes with the flow. Good nature: Doesn’t really care what adventures other people is having he just goes along with his friends.

Jesus Maria Corcoran: He acts like he is Jesus. Also, He is willing to befriend anyone that is kind. Responsible: He promised his friends that every night there would be food on the table. Caring: Even though a train hit him; he still wondered how he could fix his relationship with this lady.

Big Joe Portagee: Joe is big, slow at thinking, lazy, and doesn’t like doing things to help people. Guidance: People need to tell him to do good things or else he might mess up and do something bad. Minors:

The Pirate: The Pirate’s mind is very childish, but his body makes him look very mature. He is very innocent and simple. Also, he keeps five dogs around him so that he can feel protected. Hoards: The Pirate cuts wood everyday to get money. He stores his money in the forest so no one can get to it. Dedicated: He wanted to save money to give St. Francis a golden candlestick because St. Francis saved one of his dogs from dying.

Tito Ralph: He is the jailer because he went to jail so many times he knows how to make the jail better.
Irresponsible: During one duty he was drinking wine and forgets that he is a jailer so he released all the prisoners to flee away on accident.

Johnny Pom-pom: He is just an ordinary man who tries his best to help his friends when in need.

Mr. Torrelli: He is the richest man in town, because he is the wine holder.
Greedy: Mr. Torrelli rips off people who want to buy things to allow himself to make a bigger profit.

Mrs. Torrelli: She is the wife of the richest man in town. A lot of people go to her to spend less money on goods.
Bargainer: She does not care if she makes a lot of money; she mostly cares about the people getting what they need at a suitable price.

The Caporal: Young man that flies his baby from Monterey to Mexico to save his baby from any more harm. However, the baby dies on the way there.

Dolores Engracia Ramirez: Dolores is not pretty but has a nice voice and that attribute makes her attracting to men. She likes Danny because he owns a house.

5. Major settings:
At Danny’s second house, where Pilon, Pablo, and Jesus Maria lived, house caught on fire right after they had a few gallons of wine to drink. Pilon, Pablo, and Jesus Maria were just having a good time drinking, but when they fell asleep the house mysteriously caught on fire. They woke up when scraps of wood fell on them. Once all of them got out Pilon told Pablo to go tell Danny about his house been on fire. When the fire extinguished, Danny allowed his friends to live with him in his house.

Danny and his friends wanted to throw an amazing party, so they actually went to work and worked hard. They worked until they had enough money to buy fourteen gallons of wine. When the...
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