Tortilla Curtain: American Dream

Topics: Graffiti, Gun Control, Thought Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Meanwhile, Kyra is on her way to pick up Jordan from a friend's house, having taken the afternoon off in an effort to spend less time working and more time with her family. As she drives through the unfamiliar part of town, listening to her relaxation tapes and sheltered from the rain, she recognizes the area as the new, quickly expanding hotspot and vows to look into it for future business. She is lost and trying to find the house where Jordan is, but the more she drives around the more she falls in love with the rural, calming atmosphere of the area. Soon, she passes a "For Sale By Owner" sign and decides to take a look, even if it means that she will be late to pick up her son. She is shocked to drive into a ten-acre property with a French-style mansion sitting in the middle. Her real estate acumen kicking in and thoughts of high commissions running through her mind, she knocks on the door and introduces herself to the owners.

Back in Topanga Canyon, Delaney is tracking Cándido's footprints, an easy task for a man who has much experience tracking wildlife. As he follows the footprints, he is not surprised to find that they end up in the vicinity of the Arroyo Blanco, immediately assuming that he is responsible for all of the stolen goods and the vandalism. He then wonders if he might be responsible for the fire as well, if maybe the man in the backwards cap (whom Delaney internally describes with the racial slur "wetback") is innocent. After all, he had hit Cándido with his car near where the fire had started. Delaney goes on to think that it would have been better for everyone involved if Cándido had crawled into the bushes and died the day that he hit him. Jim Shirley pulls over and offers him a ride home, which Delaney turns down. As he watches the car drive into Arroyo Blanco, however, he notices that the wall has been vandalized once more with the same hieroglyphic-like symbols and that both trip-wire cameras have been triggered. Excited, he examines...
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