Tortilla Curtain

Topics: Wife, Family, Social class Pages: 1 (479 words) Published: November 30, 2011
“Besides there are no jobs for women there,” this quote said by Candido in the novel The Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle, explains exactly how Mexican wives/daughters are treated, unlike how Delaney, another character who is white, treats his wife. This might be considered racial profiling, and it may be true but it is also true that this is how men treat their wives. The roles of Mexican and American women are very different on how they are treated, what their role in the family is, and of course how they are raised dictates how they will end up in the future. Women today are treated very different by their social class, by their race, and also by their family. Women in a higher social class are treated with more respect and more serious than those of low-income. I give this example because it is something that I have experienced today. One day I was at an office waiting in the waiting room for my mother who was already inside; there was a lady who came in and talked to the clerk and less than five minutes from her arrival she was attended and sent inside, however there was another lady, of Mexican heritage, who had been waiting for about 20 minutes, maybe more, and was not yet helped. I saw this as discrimination against race and of course their social status in the world. When it comes to family, traditional Mexican women are treated with little respect and are expected to be subjected to their husband or Father’s authority; unlike the American women, who have respect and although they subject to their husband, they also go on and do what they want to do. In the Tortilla Curtain there are plenty of examples in how different Candido and Delaney treat their own wives. For example, on chapter 2 Candido felt disrespected by an act of America, his wife, and got up and slapped her, then told her “You’re no better than your sister, no better than a whore.” (Boyle 80). Delaney, of course would never say this to his wife, Kyra, because in their relationship Kyra...
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