Torricelli Ex-Senator Now Lobbyist

Topics: Democratic Party, Rod Blagojevich, Campaign finance Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: July 29, 2010
Should there be additional and more severe limits on how retired politicians can use leftover campaign finances? Yes, I believe there should be severe limits as to how leftover campaign finances are to be used based on the following: (1) to prevent fraudulent acts by deceitful politicians. (2) To build and maintain high ethical standard within the political realm and the politicians. (3) To gain trust of the public. As a faithful contributor to campaign funds, regardless of the amount, I would want to know that my money is used for the purpose for which I donated it and not for a candidates’ private use. The threat here is such behaviors, like that of Torricelli, though not illegal, violates the trust of the general public and can affect contributors negatively in the future- they will fear that their hard earned money (think of the economic downturn) contributed for a vital cause is siphoned for personal use and enrichment. “Two months after quitting the race, Torricelli founded a lobbying practice” (Lawrence & Weber, 2011, pg 217) The leftover campaign funds can be used in several ways: In a situation where a candidate so chooses to drop out of the campaign before the end of an election, first, all expenses incurred during that period of time must be paid in full. The funds left thereafter should be shared amongst the other candidates from the same party. The purpose for raising the fund is to enable the candidate (the party) to be financially capable to run and be elected or reelected into office. In the situation where the candidate did not drop out but did not win the election, as above, all expenses should be paid off and then the leftover funds can be donated to charity. Former officials are prohibited from using left over campaign funds for personal use. Though the decision is left to the former officials (rules apply) as to how to...
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