Torrent Syndrome

Topics: Obsessive–compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: April 17, 2013
The documentary that I listen to was about Tourette's syndrome ,Neurological problem to take control the body which cause snapping coughing disease lots of expression, I have Tourette but turrets doesn't have me they have problem in childhood in social life. It's about how to live with this syndrome they are talking with 3 people. This disease not shows it self very good One of them tell that even after he told his teacher he had Tourette syndrome she told I forgot cause I don't see it in you . One of the child during the show told that if he would try is best to suppress the tick it would get lots of mental energy from him. The more you suppress it u need to do it more. Eye blinking and some noises are some things you might see from them they have ticks, cause some of them had susspsion they might have this problem. One of the men who has it told that at first they even go to the allergist but they told it's not allergies. Tourette is so misunderstood, after it is diagnosed it is not obvious and there isn't that much drugs for it . In the point of view when the culture of school say that we accept these kind of differences it would be more valuable and other children can handle it more easily. Make the diagnoses early; the kids are aggression that kind of behavior can be for them for 5 years of age. About 50 % has ocd have anxiety disorders and some has disability learning some of the medications handle some of these problems. Some patients in the childhood has problem with suppressing their ticks in the school and when they came home he will go to his room lock the door and let the ticks goes out single gene mutation. There is no real medication that works and all of them had side effects and the other problem that they have is they don't exactly know that it was the drugs' effects or normal response of body to Tourette. Tourette sometimes get more Sevier. There are lots of alternative therapies like acupuncture they might have effects. Stress make the...
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