Topics: Tornado, Mississippi River, United States Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Aaron Walker
Tornadoes in affect around the World

A tornado is a violently rotating column of air pendant from a cumulonimbus cloud, and nearly always observable as a "funnel cloud" or tuba. Each year, around 1000 tornadoes move through the U.S, but only about 2% of them reach either F4 F5 status on the fujita scale. Most tornadoes are not strong, especially occurring in country like areas and doing little to no damage. Some tornadoes, however, are much strong, and can damage their way through major metropolitan area or through an entire small town. These tornadoes usually strike without warning and the destruction can be remembered for years. Here is an idea of 5 different deadliest tornadoes in the U.S History; the Tri State tornado, the Waco tornado, the Natchez tornado, the Tupelo tornado, the Gainesville tornado. One of the worst tornados in U.S history passed through Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri, killing 695 people, injuring some 13,000 people, and causing 17 million in property damage. The Tri-state tornado traveled 219 miles, spent more than three hours on the ground, and traveled at a speed of 70mph. More than 500 of the total 695 people who perished were killed in southern Illinois, including 234 in Murphysboro and 127 in West Frankfort. The second deadly tornado is Waco Texas Tornado; there were 114 people who died in the Waco area that day and almost 600 were injured. Five of the dead were killed in two cars that were crushed in the street. Some General Facts about Texas Tornadoes; Most tornadoes in the United States occur along a belt through the Great Plains from Iowa to Texas. They are most frequent in Texas during months of April, May, and June. However, we've had tornado weather in every month of the year. The third deadly tornado is Natchez Tornado; forming southwest of Natchez, the tornado moved north along the Mississippi River. When it struck Natchez, it destroyed dozens of buildings, killing at least 48. Another 269 were killed as the...
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