Topics for Midterm Test

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Topics for Midterm Test – 1st year

1) A structuralist approach to The Magus. What do the three parts stand for?

2) A symbolical approach to The Magus. Provide and explain at least three examples of relevant symbols/archetypes in the novel

3) The Magus – a post-modern romance. Define these two elements: post-modern and romance in relationship to the novel.

4) The French Lieutenant’s Woman – a feminist approach. How is post-modern feminism reflected in this novel?

5) Lord of the Flies – a symbolical approach. Provide and explain at least three examples of archetypal characters/objects in the novel.

6) Lord of the Flies – a psycho-analytical approach. Which are the three characters that could represent the ID, the EGO and the SUPER-EGO, as understood by Freud?

7) Lord of the Flies or Marxism revisited. How would you apply a Marxist approach to this novel?

8) Deconstructing meaning in Waiting for Godot. Who is Godot ? Why are they waiting for him?

9) A Clockwork Orange from a Marxist perspective. Which society is Burgess satirizing: the communist or the capitalist one? Why?

10) The question of identity in post-modern writings. Define post-modern identity as understood from one of the texts you have read (The Magus, Lord of the Flies, Waiting for Godot or A Clockwork Orange)

You shall answer to two of these questions and then apply an approach of your choice to a small excerpt selected from one of the plays / novels you have studied. This shall represent the third task to solve for this Midterm Test.

The Test will take 1 ¼ hrs., from 18.10 to 19.25 hrs on Monday, 13th of May. Please make sure that you can attend this test, as it is very important for your final seminar grade.
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