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Completed Master's Research Projects
Reading Education |
·Ashcraft, Alyssa - Identifying the better strategy to increase a student’s reading rate[->0]. July, 2011 [Advisor: Dr. Bill Smith] ·Ault, Lisa Renee - The effect of phonics instruction on oral reading fluency in a fourth grade intervention classroom[->1]. July, 2011 [Advisor: Dr. Bill Smith] ·Bisker, Allison - What particular practices make reading recovery and other interventions effective[->2]../gfx/media/pdf/Ault.pdf. July, 2011 [Advisor: Dr. Bill Smith] ·Dunick, Kelly Ann - Reading intervention's affect on oral retelling abilities in kindergarten[->3]. July, 2011 [Advisor: Dr. Bill Smith] ·Garrett, Lindsay - Are incentive programs to encourage at home reading affective with students at different reading levels[->4]. July, 2011 [Advisor: Dr. Bill Smith] ·Gomillion, Tricia - How well is the Vocabulary Component of the Scott Foresman’s Reading Street 2011 Basal Reading Series Supported by Research[->5]? July, 2011 [Advisor: Dr. Bill Smith] ·Hovrath, Kelsey - Effects of Peer Tutoring on Student Achievement[->6]. July, 2011 [Advisor: Dr. Bill Smith] ·Huck, Emily - Supporting English language learners and their families[->7]. July, 2011 [Advisor: Dr. Bill Smith]| Curriculum & Instruction |

·Malinowski, Scott S. - Including current events and current issues in social studies classroom. Is it worth it?[->8] June, 2012 [Advisor: Dr Frans Doppen] ·McClelland, Molly M. - An evaluation of rural school consolidation: The case of Nelsonville-York City School District[->9]. June, 2010 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] ·Stabile, Christina - Are Literature Circles an Effective Reading Strategy for Struggling Readers[->10]? June, 2009 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] | Middle Childhood |

·Arrowood, Chelsie Marie - Citizenship knowledge and perceptions of exiting middle school students[->11]. December, 2011 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] ·Calstrom, Thomas Matthew - Love and War: Using Primary Sources in the Classroom[->12]. Spring, 2009 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] ·Dalton, Amanda - Factors affecting the health of middle school students[->13]. Spring, 2008 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] ·Daugherty, Cheryl Mae - How do various social studies instructional methods affect student achievement in middle schools[->14]? May, 2008 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] ·Grimm-Rice, Jaime - A case study: Using a school garden to create meaningful learning[->15]. July, 2011 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] ·Hinkle, Jennifer - Ohio middle school principals’ perceptions of media literacy[->16]. June, 2010 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] ·Kaskey-Roush, Meghan - How does an integrated curriculum promote critical thinking and engagement in middle school student learning[->17]? Summer, 2008 [Advisor: Dr. David Bower] ·Lawless, Jennifer - The advantages and disadvantages of attending rural and urban middle schools[->18]. Spring 2009 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] ·Lee, Tara - The impact of afterschool programs on the academic achievement of middle school students.[->19] June, 2012 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] ·Martin, Jennifer - The impact hands-on experiences have on interest and attitudes of middle school science learners[->20]. July, 2011 [Advisor: Dr. Ralph Martin] ·O’Callaghan, Maria Veronica Pontiveros - Middle School Teachers’ Motivation Methods[->21]. May, 2008 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] ·Perko, Heike - Teacher and student dispositions towards using a school garden as a classroom setting: A case study[->22]. Spring 2012 [Advisor: Dr Frans Doppen] ·Quinn, Shane M. - The Student-Centered Model of learning: A comprehensive model of student[->23]. May, 2008 [Advisor: Dr. David Bower] ·Perricelli, Danielle - Social studies and motivating factors: Views of fourth grade elementary students[->24]. Spring, 2008 [Advisor: Dr. Frans Doppen] ·Reiter, Terry - Why we teach as a second career[->25]. June, 2008 [Advisor: Dr. Ralph Martin] ·Weaver, Joel - The effect of self-efficacy on motivation and achievement...
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