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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Have you ever wondered how some teenagers tend to mature more than others? Some say it all depends on their life styles, others say it depends on how their parents raised them or the people they hang out with. To me it’s a little bit more than that. Teenagers not only mature on how their parents raised them, but also on the education they get. Teenagers go into college for a variety of reasons, but it is also a way to mature and become someone in life.

Teenagers that go into college tend to become more mature. By going into college teenagers start to think as adults and decide to do better in their school work before any other activities which are social. I as a teenager myself would prefer hanging out with my friends than worry about my work. Now it’s real different. I tend to put my work first than my friends because now I know that there are no second chances in school and that my friends will be there no matter if I hang out with them or not. Teenagers also learn to be punctual with being in class on time and turning in their work on time. I would always notice how this one particular student would tend to turn in his work late and the teacher would never accept it. By seeing him I would tell myself that I would not like to be in his position and motivated myself to be more responsible and turn in my work on time. Finally, teenagers learn to be more responsible not only by turning their work on time or by being in class on time, but also on how they manage their time in doing social activities and school work. My friend Javier is a guy that does thing without thinking or managing his time in doing them, until he noticed that his way of doing things and not being responsible in managing his time was not the right way of doing thing. He then started spending less time with social activities and more time on his school work. He then noticed that managing his time between social activities and school work was making him more responsible.

Teenagers also go...
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