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Undergraduate studies lead to associate's and bachelor's degrees and that graduate programs lead to master's and doctoral degrees. I believe that the undergraduate learning experience is a period where there is the introduction to new information. This information is enclosed in subject area of concentration that is delivered by your instructor. My year of undergraduate program is more general in nature. They include general education courses in a wide variety of subjects that are not part of graduate education. Graduate programs are highly specialized and much more advanced than undergraduate programs. Graduate educational experience teaches you the information and skills that you need to be a professional. However, being a professional requires more than coursework and experiences. In other words, you will learn the norms and values of your field. You will learn to think like a professional in your field, whether a scientist, historian, educator, philosopher or practitioner.

I would describe a graduate learning community as a group of students and staff that share the same interests in objectives based on an area of study; that allow these people to learn, grow and develop together. Learning Communities bring people together for shared learning, discovery, and the generation of knowledge. Within a learning community , all participants take responsibility for achieving the learning goals. Importantly, learning communities are the process by which individuals come together to achieve learning goals.

The Key component of Learning Communities are shared knowledge, shared knowing, and shared responsibility . By requiring students to take courses together and organizing those courses around a theme, learning communities seek to construct a shared, coherent curricular experience .

The difference between Graduate Learning Community and Undergraduate Community is that Graduate Learning Community which focus on the milestones of graduate work, research...
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