Topic: People Attend College or University for Many Different Reasons. Why Do You Think People Attend a College or University?

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  • Published : September 17, 2012
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Topic: People attend college or university for many different reasons. Why do you think people attend a college or university? Education plays an important role. There is a trend nowadays after graduating from high school, students absolutely want to continue their study at college or university. There are many candidates registered for university and college entrance exam because they hope that university or college will offer more knowledge and a new experience. In the first place, acquiring specialized knowledge related to major is the most things which students expect. If students only learn general subject as the core subject in high school; of course, they can’t apply these theory for jobs. Taking an example of studying Biology in high school, students just obtain a general view of the subject, but they can study in deep about Molecular Genetics, Animal Biotechnology, etc. when they attend a college or university. Furthermore, apart from achieving professional knowledge, students can improve their English which is the result of reading some manual in English and being taught by experienced teachers. In the second place, studying at university or college as a new environment will help students become mature, namely more independent. Most of students lived with their parents in hometown, so that there is a chance to learn how to take care of themselves, how to make a decision and how to take responsibility. Especially in interconnection, creating relationship between teacher and students as well as among students is the most important. Sometimes, teacher will support and even give you some advice if you have a trouble. Moreover, you can make new friendship in order to work in groups and help one another in homework more easily. The more friends you get acquainted with, the more benefits you will receive for future. Studying at university or college brings advantage is a good career. There is little difference from high school, for...
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