Topic : Microcredit Repayment in Malaysia

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1.To investigate whether gender of borrower influence microcredit repayment. Hypothesis 1
Ho: Gender of borrower does not influenced microcredit repayment. H1: Gender of borrower does influence microcredit repayment.

2.To investigate whether types of business activities influence microcredit repayment. Hypothesis 2
Ho: Types of business activities does not influenced microcredit repayment. H1: Types of business activities does influence microcredit repayment.

3.To investigate whether amount of loan influence microcredit repayment. Hypothesis 3
Ho: Amount of loan does not influenced microcredit repayment. H1: Amount of loan does influence microcredit repayment.

4.To investigate whether repayment period influence microcredit repayment. Hypothesis 4
Ho: Repayment period does not influenced microcredit repayment. H1: Repayment period does influenced microcredit repayment.


This chapter is discussing about the research design, data collection method, research instrument, questionnaire design and sampling frame to meet the objectives of the study. In this study, descriptive research will be conduct to obtain the information needed. It will involve acquiring primary data, preparing questionnaires and sampling method as well as deciding on how the variables will be measure and being analyse. This study will be conducted among the teachers at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengku Ampuan Jemaah, Port Klang, Selangor.

3.0Data Collection Method

There are two ways in gathering data for the study. First is the primary data which is specially collected by the researcher and second is the secondary data or any information gathered from resources collected and published by others. 3.0.1Primary Data

Primary data refer to information obtained first-hand by the researcher on the variables of interest for the specific purpose of the study (Sekaran, 2010). Obtaining primary data can be expensive and time consuming as it requires researchers to observe and conduct an experiment on something to gather information about specific problems. It will take time in collecting data.

A set of questionnaire has been designed to obtain a quantitative primary data for this research. The purpose is to gauge the relevant information to achieve the research objectives besides to determining and evaluate the level of microcredit repayment among employees. The primary data will be collected from questionnaire that will distribute to the teachers at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengku Ampuan Jemaah, Port Klang,Selangor. (b)Journal

Researcher will also use journal as the primary data for data collection method in order to elicit the information regarding for the research. 3.0.2Secondary Data
Secondary data that will be collected can be use and these data can be located quickly and cheaper in terms of cost. Secondary data could be collected through internal and external sources. Internal data are those generated within the organization while external sources of data in other hands are generated by sources outside the organization. For the purpose of this study, the researcher will obtain the external sources from books, library references, articles, website and others. These are some of useful information that will serves as the groundwork for theoretical framework and literature review.

4.0Research Instrument
Regarding Malhotra (2004), defined that questionnaire is a structured techniques for data collection consisting of a series of questions, written or verbal that respondent answers. In addition, it is called a schedule, written form, measuring instrument, or formalized set of questionnaires for obtaining information from respondents. The standardized questionnaire will ensure comparability of the data, increase speed and accuracy of recording, and facilitating data processing. It needs to...
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