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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Report #1: Finding Sources

The subject of my final report will be complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). This was not the original subject I had selected, but my previously desired subject did not yield many articles in my searches. After more thought, I decided to do more research on the topic of alternative medicine. That search provided me with an astounding number of articles. Databases I used for this search included Academic Search Premier, Alt Health Watch, and Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, to name a few. These databases provided a slew of articles. The difficulty that comes with the large number of results is finding the argumentative documents I desire. Though many results were provided in my search, the majority of them were specific to a treatment of a particular disease, rather than presenting evidence for or against the efficacy and validity of alternative medicine in general. They all seemed to suggest it is, in some way, an effective treatment. I have come across many quality sources in my searching, but would like to point out a select few at this point. My best finds so far come from (Ernest, 2002) and (Ernst, 2012). It seems I will have to do a search based on that author. These articles in particular highlight the fact that the use of CAM is growing in the U.S. (Busch & Visser, 2004), and explore the ideas of why it is becoming more popular and whether or not it should be considered by primary care physicians. Many articles I encountered articulate a need for communication between doctors and patients regarding the use of alternative medicine, as some studies suggest the addition of supplements and herbal remedies can interfere with treatment prescribed by the physician. I expect my search will continue as I attempt to find the more controversial aspect of CAM, whether or not it is scientifically supported, and the parameters of my searches will continue to evolve. So far, I’ve searched on keywords such as CAM,...
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