Topic: Food Groups and Nutrients

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Name of School: Tarrant High School

Teacher: Kemoy Francis

Subject: Integrated Science

Grade: 84

Duration: 60 minutes

Topic: Food Groups and Nutrients

Previous Knowledge:

The students would have already learnt that food is required by an organism to provide energy.

General Objective:

Students should:

1. understand that foods are classified into different groups.

2. know that food contains nutrients

Specific Objectives: Students should be able to:

1.1 state the six food groups that are used in the Caribbean after a class activity;

1.2 state three examples of foods from each food group after viewing charts. 1.3 deduce that some foods maybe placed into more than one groups, after a class discussion. 2.1 list the six major nutrients at the end of the lesson.

2.2 relate the six food groups according to the nutrients that they contain at the end of the lesson.

Teaching Strategy: Brainstorming, Discussion, Questioning and Lecture

Teaching Material: White/Chalkboard, whiteboard marker/chalk, charts

Introduction to the lesson:

The teacher will ask the students to list all of the foods that they ate the previous day. They will then be asked to group the foods based on their similarities as best as they possibly can.

The teacher will then proceed to identify the topic of the day as food groups.

Development of Lesson:

1. The students will be asked to state their suggested groups. These will be placed on the board. Through a discussion students will eliminate or modify the group names until all six groups are obtained.

2. Charts with different food items will be placed on the board to illustrate examples from each of the six food groups. The students will be required to write examples from each food group in their notebooks.

3. The teacher will proceed to ask the students why it is necessary to eat food. The teacher will clarify to the students that nutrients are gained from foods....
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