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Monday 17 December 2012. Topic: Romance
1) They really do make the perfect couple. I've never known two people who get on so well.--- 2) I've heard their marriage is on the rocks. and they're getting divorced.---have difficulties 3) It's a match made in Haven And to think they first got together on an Internet dating agency! ----a perfect combination of two people or things _________________________________________________

Tuesday 18 December 2012. Power and Politics
4) The Government are being accused of letting the press set the tone for their policies? --- to establish a particular mood or character for something 5) I've got a serious complaint and I want to speak to the person who run the show---in charge of an activity or event 6) Don't ask me. It's the manager who call the shots around here.---make decision, decide what to do _________________________________________________

Wednesday 19 December 2012. Topic: Difficult Situations
7) For a working mother, the balancing act between work and home is a tough one.---require to balance between sth and sth 8) You're going to have to grasp the nettle and speak to the boss about the problem.--- to take action immediately in order to deal with an unpleasant situation 9) We've done all we can at our end. The ball's now in your court.--- to be someone else's move, play, or turn. (From tennis.) _________________________________________________

Thursday 20 December 2012. Topic: Activity
10) I'm afraid I won't be able to come out this weekend. I'm absolutely snowed under with work. 11) If you knuckle down and try to concentrate I'm sure you'll do well in your exams.—work hard 12) The doctor's told me to take it easy and to avoid stressful situations. _________________________________________________

Friday 21 December 2012. Topic: Character Traits
13) Simon stands out as a bit of a rough diamond but you couldn't meet a more reliable colleague? diamond in the rough未经雕琢的钻石 Fig. a person who has good qualities despite a rough exterior; a person with great potential 14) My father's a tough cookie and won't be worried about taking on a long, cross-country walk. 很强悍的人-someone who is very determined to do what they want and who usually succeeds even in difficult situations 15) Geoff is a bit high-handed and isn't very popular in the office. 名词 high horse high-handed- an attitude of arrogant superiority

Worksheet for Week 25 (of 26)
Monday 24 December 2012. Topic: Moods and Emotions
1) I'm at my wit’s end. I've looked everywhere for my purse and I can't find it anywhere. you're distressed because you can't find a solution to a problem. 2) You look really cheesed off Is everything OK? fed up

3) I'm going to do some baby-sitting for Sarah. She sounded at the end of her tether on the phone and I think she needs a break. you are stressed, worried or tired and unable to cope with a situation. _________________________________________________

Tuesday 25 December 2012. Communication
4) I tried talking with Hanna but typically I couldn't get a word in edgewise to find an opportunity to say something 5) You know how stubborn my husband is, don't you? It's like talking to a brick wall! if talking to someone is like talking to a brick wall, the person you are speaking to does not listen 6) I need to have a bug in your ear about a sensitive matter. _________________________________________________

Wednesday 26 December 2012. Topic: Agreeing and Disagreeing _________________________________________________
7) You said earlier that people aren't willing to recycle but I beg to differ/disagree a polite way of saying...
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