Topic 1. How Can Events Contribute to Destination Image Enhancement. Give Examples.

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Festivals and events are seen as a tool for raising awareness and as a catalyst in promoting a favourable destination image to potential tourists (Lertputtarak, 2012). The image of a destination can be enhanced by the success of an event (Baloglu & McCleary, 1999). In the words of “Lawson & Baud Bovy (1977), the concept of destination image is defined as the expression of all objective knowledge, prejudices, imagination and emotional thoughts of an individual or group about a particular location” (Dominique & Lopes, 2011, p. 307). Additionally, “other authors define the image as the sum of all beliefs, ideas and impressions that people associate with a destination (Crompton, 1979; Kotler, Haider & Rein, 1993)” (Dominique & Lopes, 2011, p. 307). This paper discusses the impact of events on destination image enhancement. Destination image is formed from several sources of information. Event information sources are the forces which influence the forming of perceptions and evaluations of a region’s characteristics. It will be argued, using the specific example of the ‘Exit’ event staged in 2000, that public exposure through extensive media coverage and word of mouth communications are the main elements that contribute to a positive destination image. Furthermore, it will be demonstrated how hosting events present an opportunity for marketers, as part of their strategy, to help position their destination and enhance their global image. As illustrated by the ‘Mardi Gras’ event staged in Sydney, Australia. By their size and scale, events can attract significant media coverage. Thus, extensive attention has been given to the image-enhancement potential of events and their media coverage (Getz, 2008, p. 417). Past research across fields has established that events yield an extraordinarily high level of media coverage, which influences the forming of a positive destination perception in the tourism marketplace and enhances attitudes to visitations (Getz, 2008). When the...
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