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CEO Notes 1
#1: Undisputed Market Leadership 4
#2: Primary Focus on Enterprise Applications 6
#3: Relentless Focus on Customer Value 7
#4: Deep Industry Capabilities 10
#5: Commitment to Quality 12
#6: Focus on Customer Satisfaction 13
#7: Superior Technology Architecture 14
#8: Clear Long Term Vision 15
#9: Strong Partner Ecosystem 18
#10:Safe Choice in an Uncertain Landscape 19
Conclusion 21
by Chakib Bouhdary & Alok Goyal

SAP is a customer-focused company. That's why SAP
has grown organically, while other enterprise
software companies have shrunk or stagnated. Even
though these competitors believed they understood
their customers, in reality, SAP knows its customers
better than anyone else. SAP has been the global
leader in enterprise applications, designing products
and services to meet the needs of enterprises, for 32
years. More important, during each phase of the
technological evolution that has occurred over
those three decades, SAP has changed its approach,
added capabilities, and simply did what it took to
meet customer needs and demands and continue to
For example, companies around the world now
realize they must transform their business in several
different ways:
 To compete in a global market;
 To meet customer demands and needs more
effectively than the competition;
 To innovate more quickly and efficiently than
ever before;
 To continually develop products and services
with high quality as a given; and,
 To comply with a new spirit of government
Most important, CEOs believe such transformation
should be continual - not one time, but over time,
thereby requiring a new degree of flexibility and
adaptability for all parts of the enterprise.
Because of this shift in customer needs, SAP
changed its approach to technology and developed
Enterprise Services Architecture® (ESA), the SAP
blueprint for a service-oriented architecture. ESA is
as flexible and adaptable as the companies must be.
SAP created ESA to allow companies to minimize
the negative aspects of their IT complexity while
maximizing the capacity of their legacy systems,
allowing them to integrate with one another and
with those of suppliers and customers. More
important, ESA will allow companies to develop
new composite applications that will provide a
source of competitive advantage. In short, because
of customers - and working with them - SAP has
changed its technological approach time and time
again, accommodating new demands to make sure
SAP customers are best-run businesses - which has
led directly to global market leadership.
Of course, any market leader will be criticized by
those who aspire to lead and cannot. And SAP has
been criticized by those who do not understand the
source of its customer value proposition. To answer
those critics, and to bring together the best
arguments to support the assertion that SAP is a
customer's company, SAP has researched the top
ten reasons why customers choose SAP for business
transformation. To summarize, our research found
that companies choose SAP because of the following
1 Beaudry, Anne, Pinsonneault, Alain. A decade of IT research has proven “the importance of an individual user's perception of an IT event in managing adaptation efforts … (underscoring) the need for managers to understand how users appraise an IT event and to appreciate the importance of providing users with adequate resources so that they can adapt to it.” P. 17, “Understanding user responses to information technology: A coping model of user adaptation,” MIS Quarterly, September 2005, Vol. 29, Issue 3. SAP is a customer-focused company. That's why SAP

has grown organically, while other enterprise
software companies have...
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