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It is extremely important that Supervisors and other
management personal know what you can and cannot say on the issues. The following list is provided as a guideline for use by you and Your Supervisors during any initiated Union Campaign.

Warning Do NOT Let Your
Employees get a hold of
This Top Secret
Classified Information

Dos & Don'ts
It is extremely important that supervisors and other management personnel know what you can and cannot say on the issues. The following list is provided as a guideline for use by you and your supervisors during any employee initiated decertification effort

Tell your employees that the Company prefers to be nonunion and that you would like them to vote "NO" [a "NO" vote is a vote against the union in an NLRB election]. •Tell your workers that they are free to support the union or not, as they see fit, but you hope they will vote against it.

Emphasize that you are not asking employees about their union views or & activities, but that you need and want their support

Answer employees' questions about Company policies and discuss the campaign issues, providing you don't threaten reprisals, promise benefits or interrogate them about their union views.

Inform them that if they become members of the union, they will have to pay monthly dues to the union, as well as possible fees, fines and assessments.

Assure them that union or no union, management is going to continue to try to make the Company a good place to work.

Tell employees that there is no reason to think that past progress in wages and working conditions will stop if there is no union. To keep competitive, the company must continue

Refer to the union's financial reports (which we can provide to you) and tell employees that if they become union members, much of their clues will be going to pay the salaries and expense accounts of the union officials.

Explain to employees that they will be required as union members to follow the orders of union officials; they will effectively have another "boss."

Advise the employees that if they become union members, they mil have to obey all the union rules found in the union constitution and bylaws.

State that the Company prefers to continue to deal directly with its employees, without intervention by an outside union that has no real interest in the success of the business.

Tell the employees that if they select a paid agent to represent them (the union), The Company will probably have to hire lawyers or other experts to represent the Company. This will be an expense to both of you, and you would rather iron out problems directly with the employees while both of you keep your money.

Answer questions from anti-union employees about what they can do to oppose the union by telling them of their legal right to actively campaign against the union, provided they observe the same rules imposed on the other employees. However, the Company is legally prohibited by law from giving financial assistance to anti-union employees.

Explain to employees that good faith negotiations can lead to higher wages and benefits, the same wages and benefits, or lower wages and benefits than they now receive.

Tell the employees that you would bargain with the union in good faith and do everything humanly possible to avoid strikes; but if the union called an economic strike, the Company would have the legal right to hire permanent replacements for such strikers.

Point out the indirect costs of unionization that you want to avoid: executive time spent in bargaining sessions; working time of employees spent on union business; cost of hiring lawyers and other labor relations experts. Money spent for such costs obviously could go to the employees in higher wages.

Inform the employees that strikers are not eligible for unemployment insurance compensation benefits. Remind them that they do not...
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