Top of the World

Topics: Great Depression, Bipolar disorder, Grammy Award for Best Country Album Pages: 4 (1331 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Janize Frausto
Dr. Shawn Hellman
WRT 102 CRN 21683
25 February 2013
Relating to Depression
The song “Top of the World” spoke to me in different ways, but all connecting to one idea, Depression. Depression is a pervasive part of life in America. So pervasive, that its presence can be observed in popular art and culture. Obvious sadness is often portrayed in America following watershed moments in United States history, like the abolition of slavery and the Great Depression. For example, symptoms of depression can be found in the early songs of Blues, Jazz and Country-Western music. The song “Top of the World” by the Dixie Chicks describes a man who is depressed because he has symptoms of self-doubt, profound melancholy and inability to communicate emotions. The song “Top of the World” by the Dixie Chicks describes a man who is depressed because he has symptoms of self-doubt. This man is grieving and cannot control how he feels he beings to feel helpless, hopeless, and worthless, The man in the song is telling a story about how he messed up and wants to go back and change what he has done, and wants to do things different. In the song the man says, “I wished I was smarter, I wished I was stronger, I wished I loved Jesus the way my wife does” (Dixie Chicks). This suggests that this man doubts himself and his choices. It appears that he has a lack of faith in himself and makes it hard for him to change how he feels. When he talks about being smarter he is reflecting the lack of common sense he demonstrated in the past. He also talks about Jesus in t leads to a person’s faith but he no longer has faith because he states that he wants to love Jesus like his wife. Self-Doubting is one of the many symptoms of depression that can cause a lot of problems in a person’s life. There is also the fact that depression is genetic so he was bound to get depression because it was passed down from one of his parents. But since he is only in the beginning stages of depression...
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