Top Notch Security

Topics: Security, Physical security, Computer security Pages: 4 (882 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Top Notch Security
Physical Security Survey Report for
Magnolia Citizens Cooperative
October 1, 2010

In this survey, I was able to interview employees from Magnolia and accessed the strengths and weaknesses of the security policy currently available. I contacted Top Notch Security office to provide a physical security survey for two locations South Street location and Electric Way.

1. What police agency has jurisdiction over the site?
Magnolia Township Sheriffs Office

2. Has the site terminated anyone for theft, fraud, etc., or drug related activities? NO

3. Do theft reports reflect patterns, trends, or particular problems at this location? Custodial Supplies are frequently missing. No sign of forced entry. Equipment is often not return. No record of checkout.

4. What does site management regard as the most prevalent or serious security problem (actual or potential)? Managers are most concern with after illegal entry and theft and onsite cash holdings.

5. What are the site's most theft attractive assets?
Cash , Vehicles in the vehicle yard; Supplies:Electrial Equipment and Tools

6. Does the site have a Security Committee? Who are the members? Janet Garret” Director of Security
Stacey Chang: Director of Branch Operations
Manny Videtti: Custodial Supervisor
Paige Brown: VP of Finance
Margie Mason

7. Is the site properly posted with respect to search and trespass? No

8. Do they have a policy of reporting identifiable items of stolen property to the local police? No

9. Is the operations area perimeter adequately lighted? Yes

10.Is lighting compatible with CCTV? Yes

11.Are sensitive areas (parking lots, computer areas, stores, tool rooms, shipping/receiving areas) adequately lighted? Vehicles lot properly lit , warehouse and equipment distribution center are poorly liut.

12.How many officers per shift?1

13.Are there current post orders, specific duties in written form for security officers? There is a...
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