Top Gun

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  • Published : May 1, 2012
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Faceless Enemies
Romance Rather than Action
Top Gun
Tyler Connell
History 122
Prof. Meese
Spring, 2012

The movie Top Gun is about a navy pilot Pete Mitchell also known as Maverick, is sent to Miramar, Naval Air Station in San Diego for elite fighter weapons school training. Where only the best airman in the world go to try to prove they are the best. His only real competition is Tom Kasansky also known as “Iceman” to shoot for the Top Gun award. Maverick flies very reckless, because of his father’s death during the Vietnam War. When he was shot down while flying an F-4, but Maverick refuses his father made a mistake. Iceman believes Maverick’s techniques are ruthless and does not agree with the way he flies. Maverick’s emotions broke him down when his co-pilot Goose dies in a fatal training accident, causing Maverick to lose the Top gun award to Iceman. That is not the only reason he lost the award, he met a woman at a bar one night and that did not help his emotions at all. Then Maverick gets another chance to redeem himself by providing air support for a communications ship that has drifted into hostile waters. Maverick manages to shoot down four Migs and force the others to flee. Maverick then returns to Top Gun as an instructor. Lastly, the movie managed to put in a little romance and Maverick ends up meeting back up with a woman he met when he was a flight school. The movie had way to much romance for me to be a military movie and on top of that all the men in the movie seemed gay.

All the enemies that appeared in the movie were never identified. They were supposed to be the North Koreans but this being the 1980’s. The MiG 28s were clearly Soviet Fighters, with the Evil black Russian paint and a red star on the plane and helmet of the fighters. Either North Korea got the state of the art Migs from the Soviet Union or it was the Soviets. The country they are flying for is never actually revealed throughout the movie. Also we have no way of...