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Corporate Profile

Top Glove is a public limited liability company that produces rubber glove incorporated in Malaysia in 1991. Top Glove was starting with only one factory with 3 production lines in 1991. In this day and age, Top Glove had becomes the largest rubber glove manufacturer in the world with its number of factories has been increases to 19 and the number of production lines has been increase to 355. In addition, the total pieces of gloves produced also increase to 31.5 billion per year and Top Glove is generates high revenue by export its products to more than 180 countries such as Europe, Asia, Oceania and Middle East. In March 2001, Top Glove is listed in second board of Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur. In May16, 2002, Top Glove has been successfully promoted from the second board to the main board of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Nowadays, Top Glove has a stronger financial position with its shareholder funds of RM687 million (USD191 million) and its earnings per annum is about RM1.38 billion (USD383 million) as at 31 August 2008.

The ability of Top Glove to grow substantially over the years is mainly due to its continuous effort in improving its product quality, capacity expansion and building a efficient management team that add values to its shareholders. Top Glove promoting its business direction of ‘Top Glove, Top Quality, Top Efficient’ that emphasize on consistently high quality with efficient low cost. Top Glove vision is to be the world’s leading manufacturer with excellent quality glove products and services that enrich and protect human lives where as its mission is to be a world class glove manufacturer that providing the top quality products with excellent services through continuous improvement and innovation.

Below are the various products of Top Glove:-
| TYPE OF GLOVES | PURPOSE | |Latex Examination Gloves |Protection from potential risk associated with blood-borne pathogens and biohazards | |Nitrile Examination Gloves |Suitable for users who are sensitive to natural rubber proteins | |Vinyl Examination Gloves |Suitable for clean room and critical environment applications. | |Surgical Gloves |Used by surgeons and operating room staffs. | |Household Gloves |Used for industrial, domestic cleaning, food processing and handling purposes. |

Top Glove continuously improves its performance by adhering to its quality policy of “Continuous Improvement and Innovation Are Our Duties” and strives towards maintaining the Group’s vision to be the world’s leading manufacturer. Macroeconomic Analysis

Financial crisis that occurred in the year end of 2007 had contributed to the slowdown of the entire economy growth and therefore it adversely affected the worldwide economic performance. In the economic aspects, the whole market is facing the impacts of global economic challenges due to economically slowdown of the leading market, USA and the volatile increase in the crude oil prices.

Malaysia also cannot exclude form the impact of this global economic downturn. Malaysia economy is seriously affected by this uncertain economic condition. This situation remains without any huge improvements, institutions or even individuals who injected money into the market are suffering monetary losses. The global economy crisis had seriously affected the overall market and thereby causes many issues occurred such as unemployment, credit crunch, declining in asset prices and adverse impacts on the global trade. For instances, export activities as well as industrial production and investment has a large decline.


Changes in commodity...
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